Do you know that your DRUM, BELT & FUSER units are much stronger than what the manufactures says? If the printing quality of the last page you got from your printer, you can use reset chips to reset the counter and reuse the part ans save HUGE $$$
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2x "Peel & Stick" Easy Reset Chips for Samsung CLP 310 315 CLX 3170 3175 FN FW


2x "Peel & Stick" Easy Reset Chips for Samsung CLP 310 315 CLX 3170 3175 FN FW



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Guaranteed Easiest Reset Solution Worldwide !!

Just "Peel & Stick" to restore the drum life back to 100%

Why change if they are not worn out. Reset, reuse and save huge $$$.

The simple reasons for our product being No. 1 choice are 

  • Best Price : We are the official distributor of this product worldwide, hence, the best price.
  • The Simplest and Quickest reset solution : Just Peel & Stick to reset the drum counter.
  • Better Compatibility solution : Not like others', our reset kit works on both starter & retail drum.
  • Cleanest Solution :  No drum opening is required, thus, NO MORE TONER LEAKING
  • Home & Office Friendly Solutoin : NO MORE TONER LEAKING, thus, No mess.
  • Lowest Human Error Solution : No opening means less chance of breaking the sensitive parts.
  • It comes with detailed instruction manual (English Version only) and installation video guide.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED, NO FIRMWARE HACKING. Just peel & stick. That is it !

Please check the video guide below & the FAQs before purchasing.

Video Guides
  • Does it reset TONER level? : NO

Some customers get confused and think that the Drum Reset chip will somehow reset all counters through the drum unit. Actually it is not. The drum reset chip will only reset the drum counter. For the same manner, the belt reset chip and fuser reset kit will only reset belt counter and fuser counter respectively. If you are looking for the TONER COUNTER RESET solution, these are not the correct products and please find the right product from other listings.


  • Does it work? YES.

See the hundreds and thousands feedbacks we have received from our customers.


  • Is there anything I should know before purchasing? YES

The part that you intend to reset the counter of must be in good working condition  or had been providing good quality prints until it was locked by the counter. If the part has any physical defects, this reset kit will not improve the

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