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Brother Genuine New TN-241BK STARTER(1k@5%) BLACK TONER. Buy Multipack Save more


Brother Genuine New TN-241BK STARTER(1k@5%) BLACK TONER. Buy Multipack Save more




What is the Starter Toner? : STARTER TONER has less toner than a retail version black toner.

STARTER TONER (THIS ITEM) : 1000 pages at 5%

RETAIL VERSION TONER (TN-241BK Retail) : 2500 Pages at 5%

Options explained 

1. 1x STARTER BLACK TONER : 1x Starter Black Toner (TN-241BK starter version) only

2. 2x STARTER BLACK TONER + 1x DRUM : 2x Starter black toner + 1x free drum unit(DR-241CL) Colour type.

Black drum has a plastic stopper preventing users to put colour toner into black drum. Once the stopper is removed, the black drum and colour drum become exactly same and they will accept both either black or colour toner cartridge. 

The free drum unit comes with the option 2 is colour drum unit and it can be used for black or colour at your choice.

How to check if this is genuine.

10. If this is aftermarket product, (that means the toner cartridge case is manufactured by 3rd party), then, you will never see the BROTHER logo on the cartridge.

2. If this is originally manufactured and used 100% then REFILLED by 3rd party, you will find a REFILL HOLE. This is a completely sealed product from the BROTHER FACTORY. So, without making a refill hole, the cartridges cannot be refilled at all. So, if you see BROTHER letters on the cartridge and do not see any refill hole, that shows this is genuine cartridge.

3. You take this cartridge to any BROTHER service engineer and they will confirm that this is BROTHER product.

4. The printing quality will tell you that this is genuine.

Use for : 


Fully tested before packing and professionally packed in anti-static bags and air cushion packaging.


Why buy from us?


  • Printing Quality is guaranteed : This is a new original/genuine TONER manufactured by BROTHER. Therefore, the printing quality is guaranteed!!
  • Your 1Y-3Y manufactur's Warranty is not affected : If you are still within the manufacture's warranty, you will not lose the manufacture's warranty while you use this drum as it is genuine product.

  • Fits Perfectly and Simply : Genuine drum is hassle free to use. Just put it into your printer and it will work straight away

Let us know if you have any question.

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