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OKI Genuine New Drum without dummy cartridge for OKI MC352 MC362 C511 C531 MC562


OKI Genuine New Drum without dummy cartridge for OKI MC352 MC362 C511 C531 MC562



Read fully before purchase and understand how this set will save over 200 pounds without compromising the printing quality. 

This drum unit comes without the dummy cartridges. We send toner chips together to work better than dummy cartridges. Read the description fully to get to know how this will save huge amount of money. Also watch the youtube video before purchase.

  • Takes only several minutes to install.
  • Watch youtube video before purchasing :
  • No tool is required. All installation is very easy and straight forward.
  • Printing quality is guaranteed by OKI genuine part

  • This listing is for "Genuine New OKI drum without dummy cartridges for MC352 MC362 C511 C531 MC562".
    Drum part number : 44494202 and 44494203

    -If your drum unit still works ok, you can buy the drum counter reset chip(s) without buying the drum unit and reuse your current drum for one more cycle. You can choose from the drop down menu(options) from the top of this listing.

    How does it save you huge money while the printing quality is maintained at its optimum?

    1. By following simple toner transfer tip available on Youtube, customer(s) will get extra 8000 page worth toner in the current toner cartridges. If you are using the genuine toner cartridges, this is equivalent to 200 pounds GBP (50 pounds per toner cartridge). We ship the toner chips together to maximize your toner life with ease.

    2. We send drum or transfer belt reset chip for further saving of 50 - 70 pounds.

    This drum unit is bulk new and genuine OKI drum unit which does not come with 4x orange colour DUMMY toner cartridges (a retail version drum unit has them). 

    We send 4x toner chips which will work longer and save you huge amount of money from purchasing new toner cartridges. 

    Moreover, we send 1x extra drum reset chip together with the drum. We found that the drum units are strong and good enough to to work for at least one more cycle.

    This reset chip can be used to reset either the drum unit or the transfer belt. If you wish to reset the transfer belt rather than the drum unit, you may do so.

    By using the reset chip, customer will save either one drum unit cost or the transfer belt cost as well as the environment by reusing the product.

    3. As this is a new and genuine drum unit manufactured by OKI, the printing quality is guaranteed by the genuine consumables.

    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thanks a lot.

    - All chips (drum chips and toner chips) are manufactured by 3rd party. Non-OEM products.
    - Drum unit is genuine / new product manufactured by OKI.

    Our chips work on both Starter version and retail/regular version drums.
    The other's reset fuse/chips cannot reset Starter Version Drum.

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