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Samsung CMYK 4x Starter Toner Cartridges CLT-406S for Xpress C410 C460FW W FN FW


Samsung CMYK 4x Starter Toner Cartridges CLT-406S for Xpress C410 C460FW W FN FW


New other (see details)
Samsung Genuine New STARTER TONER cartridges WITHOUT RETAIL PACKAGING.EU Version. (E) Version.


Without Compromising the printing quality
Samsung Genuine Rainbow Starter Toner Cartridges C410W SL-C460FW
100% Genuine
Best Pricing
Fast Shipping

New Genuine CMYK Rainbow Starter Pack. NOT IN RETAIL PACKAGING.

These toner cartridges are GENUINE and NEW STARTER TONER. What is STARTER TONER?

A starter toner is half filled toner cartridge when compared to the normal retail version.

Important things to know before buying.

  • Black Toner Yield : 700 Pages at 5%
  • CMY Toner Yield : 500 Pages at 5% each colour
  • if the LOW TONER message is ignored, the cartridges will work for many more pages.

  • These are bulk items and are not in the retail packaging.
  • Professionally packed individually with moisture control (Siricagel sachet) in antistatic bag
  • Air cushion protection packaging applied.

Why you should buy this products?


  • Best quality : These are original/genuine toner cartridges manufactured by Samsung. Therefore, the printing quality is guaranteed. You do not lose the manufactures warranty while you use these genuine toner cartridges as these are simply original / genuine toners.

  • No hassle. No compatibility issue : Fits Perfectly and Simply at the first installation : No need for firmware hacking. These cartridges have genuine samsung toner chips. It will work regardless your printer firmware version. It is very well known that tther after-market products are not guaranteed to work on the most recent printer firmware. Simply buy genuine and it will work easily.


  • If you ignore the toner warning, you can maximize the printing yield. The 'LOW TONER' warning is only for the information and it will never damage the printer. You can use the cartridges until the printer is completely stop and in this way you can maximize the toner life without damaging the printer.




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